How To Highlight My Human Hair Wig At Home

Hi guys, I got Brazilian water wave 22 22 24 24 with 20 Lace Frontal from mscoco hair. I make it to a unit myself, today I want to show your a very easy way to highlights my lace front wig at home.

mscoco straight lace front wigs
  1. The first important thing is easy to do it. If you got the bundles with closure in hand, you need to make it to a wig by yourself. If you got one human hair wig, you can do it directly fix it on the model head.
  2. Find a Bleached kit and gather your brushes . I used 20 VOL 6% PEROXIDE MAXIMA HAIR DYE 10.13. however no matter what bleached kit you choose, remember to do allergy test to make sure you’re not allergic to the product. Do not forget to wear gloves and keep the bleach away from your skin and eyes at all times. You need 2 brushes , one is to help you blend the other one use to bleach.
  3. Apply bleach from the middle of a strands to the bottom. Once I covered all the hair in the mixture. I gonna grab my tin foil and just wrap it in. After 20mins later, I washed the texture off.
  4. The hair turn out beautiful. I am quit happy with the hair keep the curl very well after brushed it a lot and bleached it. The hair I am used from mscoco hair. I think it’s worth investing your money in the price is reasonable for what you are getting.
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