How To Care Your Human Hair Wigs ?

Most of us choose to buy human hair wigs as it’s convenient to installed it and feels comfortable. There are three types human hair wig: 4×4 lace closure wig, lace front wig and 360 lace frontal wigs.

Obviously, human hair wigs are made of by virgin human hair weave with lace closure or lace frontal. Today, we will talk about how to maintain your wigs and keep your wigs last longer.

1.Keep your human hair wigs Clean

First and foremost, you should keep your wigs clean, you can use a dry shampoo, it’s so convenient. You just shake it and spray it on your wigs. It literally revives the hair and it’s necessary to takes some argan or olive oil on the human hair wigs, especially for kinky curly human hair wigs.

2.Using conditioning Spray

I prefer use conditioning spray it’s from cream of nature. Spread the conditioning spray on the human hair it will be helps to detangling and make the human hair more smooth and moisture.

3.Detangle Your Wigs

Detangling is very important on maintaining your wigs. Especially you have the curly wigs, straight lace front wigs texture like super curly texture kinky curly wigs , kinky straight wigs I do not suggest to use detangling brush to detangle it. I recommend you use paddle brush if you want to get more fuller bigger large volume but not for detangling. Or you can choose the straight or body wave human hair wigs that will be easier to care it.

4.Curl Wig with flexi rolls and blow dryer

If got the curly or wavy wigs is staring to become flat the curls are falling out. I suggest use the flexi rolls. Takes a small section the hair and flexi rolls and begin to wrap the hair around the flexi rolls. Go with the blow dryer by medium heat and then kind of blow dryer the hair not putting the blow dryer directly on the hair to avoid burn it, just takes the proper heat it and takes the curl

loose wave lace front wigs
loose wave lace front wigs

5.Store wig Longevity

The last tips is extremely important if you want your human hair wigs last longer, you should store it properly. Storing your wig back into a packaging. Do not be a lazy girl, if you love your wig and hope your wigs last put your wigs into her home.use the wig net, it can keep all the hair together and hold the style.

That all my tips and maintains for human hair wigs.Hope it will be useful for you.

If you are looking for some affordable with top quality hair human hair wigs, I recommend mscoco hair. I have their water wave lace front wig 20inch for 6 months. It’s super soft and thick mini shedding. It definitely to invest it.

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