How To Make A Realistic Hairline

How To Make A Realistic Hairline?

A long line of research shows that natural looking is the top concern of wig lovers. Most friends want their wigs to look as natural as possible. But it is impossible for them to go to the hair salon every time to do special hairstyles. That is a waste of time and money. Therefore, mastering the skill of dealing with the hairline is very important. Today Coco will share with you the detailed steps to achieve a realistic hairline.

Before dealing with the hairline, prepare the tools you need, such as a wig frame, tweezers, scissors, and the most important thing is to prepare human hair wigs.

Step 1: Place the lace wig on the wig stand and use some pins to fix it. Make sure it is very tight to avoid moving the wig back and forth during you do the hairline.

Step 2: Apply some foam mousse to the human hair, and then separate a little hair on the front or periphery of the hair.

Step 3: Starting from the hairline near the ears, pull the hair from the face back to the back of the head. First, pull out a little hair to see how it works, don’t pull out too much hair. If you think the hairline is still too dense, you can go back and repeat these steps to make the lace wig look more natural.

Step 4: When pulling out the hair, make sure that there are no obvious lines at the beginning of the lace. Make it have a gradual effect, so the hair is less dense around the hairline to completely covered.

Step 5: Make baby hair. Separate a small part of the hair from the hairline, and then cut the hair with scissors to the length you want.

Hope these steps are beneficial to you, especially for the wig beginners. Practice makes perfect. A realistic hairline also needs the right lace, now Mscoco provides the HD lace wigs, which are very thin and fits any color skin. All of friends can have a try.

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