How To Do Lace Frontal Sew In Weave Start To Finish ?

Hi guys This is caroline Just back for another new video, today I will show your guys how i installed this frontal and these bundles really quick.

  1. wash my own hair and then put some coconut moisturizing my own hair just to get the braiding started.
  2. Brand my hair to one U-part like a U- Shaped in the back of my neck

The hair I am using today is from mscoco hair, they sent me 3 bundles 24inch with one 20 inch lace frontal.The frontal comes pre-plucked so I just customized my frontal a little .the frontal comes with baby hair, I want more baby hair so I am tweeter and plucked out more hair from the hair line

  1. Cut the extra lace in the front and then I put the frontal over my head so I can measure where I am going to be able to cut the ear taps and know where i am able to put the elastic band. I using my foundation to marked it.
  2. Put it back on a mannequins head so I will be able to finished the customizing. Once I the frontal marked then went to marked stops and put my elastic band and sew it from one tab over to the other side of the frontal.
  3. Once the elastic band is on the frontal, I used my foundation to translate the lace so i needn’t to bleached the knots any more.
  4. Cut the extra tabs on the ear so that we i put on this human hair wig it can fit around my ear.
  5. Put my stocking cap and use the got2spray spray all over the frontal part. Use the blow dryer dryer the entire hairline and make sure it’s completely dry.
  6. I am take a thread and a needle and going to sew across my head on the top of my head just going it a straight cross it will help to keep the stock stayed after i cut it. Then i cut extra stocking.
  7. I am going to use a weaving net contact it with my stocking in the middle. And sew around it. Once the weaving net is secured in the back, I am takes the scissors and cut the extra pieces off.
  8. I use my foundation on the stocking just let it can match my skin more when i put the body wave frontal on.
  9. Use the bond glue and let it dry then put my frontal on. Once the frontal is secured and the lace is laying down flat in the front. I am going to go head and start to sew in process.
  10. I put a middle part on one of the braids in the middle of the frontal. I take my thread and needle. I star to sew from the back of the frontal toward to front. Do the same thing sew in from the left side to right side.

Mscoco body wave with frontal turn out perfect look, if you want to get more detailed. Go and check my video:

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