How I Use Water Color Method Transform The Blonde Wig To Blue?

I am Miya Lashe, I got one blonde wig 12inch from mscoco hair. This wig totally bomb. Today I will transform this 613 wig to blue use water color method. It’s really the dark blue I really like the color of this hair and the way it turns out. The hair freaking bomb. The wig come with pre-plucked and also come with baby hairs all I did just let the hair down. I do not even to cut the baby hairs. I really love this unit. In the following i will show you how i color this bob wig to blue.

613 blonde hair
  1. When I am going to have this look, I prepared a dye brush, a pair of the gloves and one bowl to do the water coloring and one blonde wig unit from mscoco hair.
  2. Using the adored dye and the color 112 indigo blue ( as I did want to get one darker blue )
  3. Filling the bowl with the warm water probably half of the bowl
  4. Put the half of the bottle in the water just to see how is the color it is, then use the brush stir in the water.
  5. Due to I want to get all effect, I put the rest of color in to the water. Then i stirred it all up
  6. Take my blonde wig and star to dipping from the bottom to the top. I just kind of working my finger through. It trying to make sure that the color was getting all through the hair so I didn’t have any pieces blonde so just kind of make sure take your time
  7. Put all the whole lace in the water. Let all the unit wig soaked in the water. Then let the hair sit for about 5mins in the bowl.
  8. Then takes out the wig from the bowl look at what this wig turns out. And blow dry the hair.

This is the final look on the unit from mscoco hair. The color turns out really beautiful. I really love the water colored method, it’s so easy. The hair is so soft I love it so much. Basically I just laid the wig. I do not feel the need to bleach the knots on the wig because I did do a blue you can’t tell the knots is bleached or not. I really love this hair from mscoco hair. Make sure you are definitely check our mscoco hair 

613 blonde wig from mscoco hair
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