How To Do Half Up Half Down Hairstyle?

Hi beauty, It’s qui&ken. We back for another new video. I have a bomb hair from mscoco hair. They sent me a lace front wig. Last time I have mscoco hair it’s water wave human hair bundles with lace frontal. It’s so beautiful. This time the lace front wig is beautiful like a bomb, I can not wait to installed it. It’s a 24inc. I will use this straight lace front wigto do up half up down hairstyle.

  1. Pull the hair into a simple ponytail and then comb your other hair to make sure any knots.
  2. Starting from the top of the hair, pull all the hair to the top of the head, starting from the top half of the hair. Make sure the sides are even – the end of the rat tail comb can help you achieve the straight line.
  3. Use Elastic to Fix the half ponytail to the bottom and the hair
mscoco straight lace front wigs

For a stylish look, pull the half ponytail up and secure it.
When I run my finger through the hair, I get no shedding. I like this hair. Mscoco is bomb. We like the hair quality. This hair is silky you feel so freaking good. Girl you can take some money with this hair.this is the best quality hair i have ever to try. I really really really recommend anybody to do this human hair. This straight lace front wig, we can be slaying anyway.shout out mscoco hair get your new style.
For for More detailed how I do my half up half down style, check my youtube video:
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