How To Installed Virgin Human Hair Bundles Perfectly

To be beauty is the nature of every woman. It is an enviable thing for

African girls to have beautiful is very important for them in daily and they will choose different hairstyles to make themselves looks more beautiful. I believed that every girl must be  was very excited when they received new virgin human hair bundles. However  how do I install hair bundles to make them look more natural, comfortable and beautiful that become a problem. Usually they choose body wave, straight hair, deep wave, curly hair or water wave and so on other textures to improve their appearance. Today we will introduce two ways to install human hair bundles The first one is sew in method then the second one is the glue method.

Sew in method tends to look natural and comfortable but may lasts about to 6 to 8 months.The Glue method can often last longer for one year or even longer. Below we will introduce the specific method of the sew in method in detail.

1. Washing the hair with the shampoo then let the human hair bundles air dry.Use a wide-tooth to comb out any knots make it smooth.

2. Divide hair into four equal parts.Use a comb to part the hair down the center from the forehead to the nape of the neck.Make a second part of the scalp from the base of the right ear to the base of the left ear.Twist each of the four sections of hair and use a hair clip to secure it.

3. Loosen the bottom right of the hair and let it fall down freely.Comb the hair through the section and smooth the hair gently.Grab a smaller portion of the 1/4 inch from a set of hair.Pull an equal amount of the hair and divide it by half.Place the 1/4 inch portion between the two hair extensions.

4.Braid natural hair strands into the human hair extensions , beginning at the scalp and braid approximately 1/8 down the length of the hair to secure the extensions.Cut  3-inch hair extension cord and fold it halfway.Hold the folded piece of extension thread against the base of the braid.

5.Wrap two loose ends of hair extension thread around the braid twice.Then insert the loose ends through the loop.Tighten two loose ends to create a tight knot around the base of the braid.Use a pair of scissors to cut off the excess extension thread.

6.Repeat the above process for the remaining hair in the lower right of the scalp.

Once the lower right part of the weave is finished, move to the other three parts.

7.For the remaining hair in the lower right of the scalp, you can also repeat the above process.You should weave similar 1/4 inch hair to keep the weave look symmetrical.If the lower right part of the weave is finished, you can move to the other three parts.

You will get a beautiful look after you done it.Meet Mscoco Hair, Meet your beauty.Want view more beautiful virgin human hair texture, go to check

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