How to clean a red lace front wig?

Color wigs are becoming increasingly fashionable as people become more interested in beauty. All ladies who wish to establish a unique identity and vary their style will consider wearing colored wigs.

Today, we will present you with some advice on how to care for and wash your red lace front wig or any other colored hair to maintain it in excellent shape and have a longer service life.

How to clean a red lace front wig?

1. Get the wig ready.

Pouring water on your wig without first prepping it is among the worst things you can do to it. Consider the time it will take you to untangle the hair. It can be exhausting, particularly if you don’t have much free time. By initially combing or detangling your wig with a wide-tooth comb or your fingers, you may save this needless tension. Before getting to the wig’s hairline, start by detangling or combing the tips.

2. Eliminate any remaining adhesive.

Because lace frontals require adhesive for installation, there is a chance that some glue will accumulate on the wig. That is why it is critical to remove any adhesive residue from the lace to avoid harming the entire wig. Soak the lace front in a bowl of hot water with a little shampoo to dissolve the glue. After about five minutes, carefully scrape the adhesive off your lace front using a sponge.

3. Shampoo your hair.

It’s time to shampoo the remainder of the wig once the adhesive residue has been removed. Starting at the roots and working your way to the tips, apply the shampoo to your hands and gently rub the hair. Make sure the shampoo gets all the way through the wig, but take care not to touch or scrape the hair to avoid damaging it.
Using shampoos made for colored red wigs is also advised since the ingredients are gentle enough for the wigs to tolerate. Any other gentle shampoo that you may find can also be used.
Rinse your hair with cold or lukewarm water after shampooing. Repeat this process until no shampoo is visible, and then dab with a microfiber cloth before applying conditioner.

4. Apply some hair conditioner.

Conditioner may be used in two ways: after shampooing and without shampooing. When completing a thorough wig wash, most people utilize the first approach. The second approach, on the other hand, is generally used when you want to make your wig soft and simple to comb through.
Pour the conditioner into a basin of water and soak the wig in it before applying it. Then, beginning from the tips, carefully untangle the hair with a wide tooth comb. Finally, thoroughly rinse the wig and wring out the water with your hands.

5. Allow the wig to air dry.

Your wig may be dried in one of three ways. Air drying is the first and best option. The easiest technique to avoid wig damage is to allow for little manipulation. Utilizing a microfiber towel is another option because it is soft on the hair. Utilize a blow dryer as a final resort. Nevertheless, make sure the dryer is set to low heat since excessive temperatures seriously harm wigs.

How frequently should red lace front wig be washed?

The question of how frequently to wash colored lace front wig is one that many people struggle with. Your wig could begin to feel dirty after being used a few times and could benefit from another wash. Ultimately, it’s up to you how frequently you wash your wig. But it’s wise to keep in mind that red wigs need extra maintenance to keep their color from fading.

In general, you should wash your wigs one to two years after first using them. However, depending on a few variables, this time frame may change:

How frequently do you use a wig?

It gets filthy the more you use something without washing it. In light of this, you might need to wash your red lace front wig after six months if you wear them frequently.

The quality of the wig.

How frequently you wash your wig also depends on the quality of the wig. Low-quality wigs, on the other hand, tend to fade when washed often. You must thus consider the wig’s quality before purchasing.

The degree of wig upkeep.

A well-kept wig wouldn’t need to be washed frequently because there aren’t many things that might get it soiled. Your wig may be kept in good condition if you comb it frequently, don’t go to bed wearing it, and store it appropriately.


It’s understandable to have reservations about purchasing a red lace front wig. Nevertheless, as soon as you learn how to wash them correctly, you won’t need to worry. All you have to do is follow a routine for washing, conditioning, drying, and properly storing your hair. With this, you are free to purchase any number of red lace front wig.

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