How to Melt Lace Front Wig Easily to Match Your Skin?

Human hair wig is beloved by every african girls. After you installed lace front wig, it looks your own natural hair. That’s not to say that the wonderful makers has done the fabulous job. But its that we try to trim our edges to make our lace front wig looks more natural. if you got new lace front wig, the lace color for the wig is ligher or darker than your skin. How do you melt the lace match your own skin well. Today let us find the answer from this articel.

The items you will need

:canvas head,wig tripod,thread,wig making cap,wig tpins,ghost bond platinum

Step 1 Bleach Knot

If your lace front hasn’t bleached knots. The first thing you need to bleached knots by yourself. More detailed bleached toturial you can check it on the youtub channel.

Step 2 pre-plucked

Most of the lace front wig on hair maket, they have been pr-plucked. You only need to  tweeze the front a little bit . the wig i got it from celie hair, the really did pretty much for you, I’m pretty sure it was pre plucked so I kinda only spent about 5 to 10 minutes on this.

Step 3 Placing the stocking cap on

placed the stocking cap on your head and stretched it down a land went ahead and use got2b glue plastered this all over my hairline and a little bit above my hairline make sure you use a good and generous amount don’t overdo it less is more in this process. Use the blow dryer to make slightly tacky before added the hairspray on to the stocking cap. Spary holding spray for extremly hold. Then blow dry it make sure extremly dry

Step 4 sew back of the cap to prevent lifing

Sew the back of the cap down to prevent it from lifting when you cut the band’s off. the stocking cap sometimes it won’t get a little bit looser so to prevent that edit to some really big loops around the edges of the stocking cap but only in the back you don’t have to do this process super neat

Step 5 Cut front of stock cap

Do not start from the ear just cuting from right acros. I find that it comes out much more better and much more neater and it just completely easier when you go ahead and cut it off in

sections so I started off with the middle went from the left to the right and then cut around my ears and then cut the excess in the back. Be careful do not cut your own hair. Trim as much of the stocking cap off.

Step 6 Use powder foundation

Use a fluffy brush apply the Mac bronzer powder or liquid foundation all over the front of the stocking cap you don’t have to putit towards the back .don’t load it in waste product. you can just put it towards the front cuz you really want the front to blend in and match for your skin that’s what’s most important.

Step 7 Apply the lace front on

using the ghost bond premium and a popsicle stick put the glue on the forehead and use the popsicle mixed it let the lace wig attach with the skin well. Then you can put your lace front wig on your head and cut off the excess lace. Just be careful do not cut the hair when you cutting the lace.

Step 8 Trim the lace wig

The last step you can use a hot comb to lay the your human hair wig. Move the hot comb off your hair then you do any hairstyle what you like.

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