How to Find the Right Wig for Your Face Shape?

Everyone should consider your hair type and facial features when deciding on a hair wig. But don’t forget another crucial factor: your face shape. Choosing a right hairstyle and enjoy compliments from all angles.

Here are 2 different common face shapes that can help you determine what hair styles and wigs will look the best on you and bring out your features.

1.Hairstyles for a Round Face

Round face means the face contour is more like a round, the edges and corners are not very clear. The way to fit a round face is to have the hair a few inches on your shoulder. Curly hair because of its small texture makes your face look smaller visually. Then you could try to choose curly human hair wigs. If you wear your curly wig with a middle part, which will add more height and add bulk around your face then take away any roundness from the face. Longer curly wigs can add length to your facial lines, and height/volume can also elongate and make your cheeks look more narrow.

2.Hairstyles For a Oval Face

It can be very difficult to figure out what is the best hairstyle for an oval face shape. It’s commonly known that an oval shape is one of the most attractive face shapes for a woman. If you’re struggling on finding a hairstyle, a simple center parting will look beautiful. For a cut to suit your oval face, the wave hair maybe a good choice. This is because proper length on wave wig will curled to shape an oval look, then visually weaken the oval shape of your face. If you’re still hesitating, you could have a try on the loose wave hair with middle-part wig.

Also, It is also important to consider that the right color can have a dramatic effect on the shape of your face and how it can enhance or reduce areas that you want to mask. Highlight contouring is a unique way of working with extending or reducing the width and or length of your face, forehead and jawline. So you also could try human hair wigs with highlights. Such as a center part on highlight body wave wig, not only weakens your face shape by wave, but highlight color. A perfect choice for oval faces.

If you need help determining your face shape, take a lip liner or makeup pencil, look in the mirror, or even print a photo and trace the lines of your face, then refer to the description above to help you find the right human lace wigs that are most suitable to yours.

Mscoco hair is always here only for your most beautiful choice!

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