How long do your human hair wig last ?

<p >We all know the human hair lace wigs is expensive. When we bought one human hair wig, we prefer our wig can last longer, how long usually one human hair wig last ? what will be affect the lift span of human hair wigs. In this article we will talked about the factors which affect the life span of the wig.

1.The Quality And The Styles Of Human Hair Wig

<p >Now there are so many wigs in the hair market. Like lace front wig, full lace wig, 13*6 lace font wig and deep parting lace front wig. The raw materials of the hair wigs that is the most important factor which will determine the life span directly. Wig cap also will affact the lifespan of wig. Top quality raw materials and wig cap still can keep stunning after multiple washing. Anothe facor we need to know that is hair style of the wigs, usually curly lace wigs will not laster longer as the straight human hair wigs.

2.The Way To Maintain The Wigs

<p >As we all know that how long is your wigs last that depond on how you care the wigs. If you usually wear the wig for a long time that will be very important to care the wig. First About how to washing the way, are you washing your wig in the right way? Second about styling, most of the wigs has been styled when we got it, if you want to change the style, you can let the professional hairdresser to do it. Third about the storage of your wig. When you go to sleep or do not wear the wig, you can put your wig in to on modle head or put it in wig box. Forth avoiced the damage , sometimes mulitpe washing or colored will destory the wig.

3.Frequency of Wearing Wigs

<p >The more your wear the wigs the shorte it will be. You may only has on wig, you can wear it all the time until the wis can not work. We suggest you can prepared 2-3 human hair wigs that you prefer. Like one bob wig, one body wave lace front wig, one water wave lace frontal wig, you can change difference wig to wear every week.


<p >If you wear human hair wig and explore the sunshine frequently, it will damage your hair and makes it frizzy and dry. much dust or greasy will damge your hair as well. It make the hair dirty and need to clean it more frequently. Windy or sandstorms will reduce the life span of your human hair wigs.
So that is so important to care your human hair wig carefully if you want to get long life the next articel we will give you the tips how to care the human hair wig.

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