Is The 5×5 Lace Closure Wig A Good Choice?

With the rapid development of the wig market, various wigs come into view. But the closure wigs still account for an important seat among the beauties. Did you try the 5×5 closure wigs before? If not, come on.

1.What is a 5×5 Lace closure wig?

5×5 Lace closure wig is a kind of closure wig, the area of lace part of the wig is 5 inches wide and 5 inches long. If you are tired of the lace frontal wig, 5×5 lace wig will be your best choice. Besides, all the hair is 100% real human hair in mscoco hair store. Both the medium brown and HD lace can give you a natural hairline look, just feel like it is your real hair, so you can choose it without any worries.

2.Why 5×5 lace closure wig is a good choice?

Firstly, The lace part of the 5×5 lace closure is 5 inches by 5 inches, the lace area covers your forehead, making it possible to have a more natural and more beautiful hairline, adding with enough baby hair, it will look more realistic, making it popular among all the friends.

Secondly, Distinguish from the lace frontal wig, the lace area of the 5×5 closure wig is less, so it will be more affordable and suitable for a person with a small budget. Less money can also have a good hair look.

Thirdly, 5×5 lace closure wig is easier and more convenient for a beginner to install and easier to take care of, so it is a beginner-friendly wig type.

All in all, 5×5 lace closure wig is the best choice nowdays for all the beauties.

3.Where to buy the 5×5 Lace Closure Wig?

After knowing what a 5×5 lace closure wig is like, you may want to have a try, in mscoco hair store, there are different textures, like straight, body wave, deep wave, curly, and so on, in different length and density to meet your need. What’s more, the popular HD lace will attract you.

As a hair brand whose mission is to bring beauty and empower everyone’s dream, Mscoco Hair has always been committed to the use and development of unique top quality human hair, and ensures that the top quality human hair will last many years. Therefore, we are your best choice. 5×5 lace closure wig is your best choice, too.

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