How can you restore life to your water wave wig?

It is difficult to overturn the natural hair appearance and appearances of a real human hair wig. But eventually, your wig will definitely get dry and stiff, therefore we’d like to provide some tips on how to re-soften a human hair wig.

It’s crucial to comprehend how to fix a broken wig. Therefore, we’ll outline the primary causes of human hair wigs drying out in this piece and offer advice on how to revive one that has lost its bounce.

The dos and don’ts of using and caring for water wave human hair wigs will be covered in this article.


Water wave wig: what is it?

It is a wig in the shape of a water wave, with an entrancing wind-blown water wave that displays an “s” shape. Wigs made with human hair look and feel the most like real hair. Thus, water wave wig made of human hair are the most common.

Advantages to a water wave wig.

Hairline is undetectable.

When worn correctly, the outcome is an invisible hairline that gives the impression that the wig hair is sprouting out of your head.

Additional versatility is offered.

Gives the user greater options for styling it in various ways. It creates an undetectable, glamorous appearance.

Looks natural.

Water wave hairstyle is comparable to body wave hairstyle; it is a trendy haircut that has been popular for many years. It’s difficult to dispute that a water wave human hair wig feels better than synthetic fibers. While synthetic hair is less expensive, it cannot provide us with the desired look. Because it is derived from donors, it is identical to our natural hair. You will feel confident with a human hair wig.

Simple to style and upkeep.

Believe us when we say that this water wave glueless lace wig made of human hair will exceed your expectations! This hairstyle requires exceptionally light, smooth, and shiny hair. This is advantageous throughout the installation process. Water wave wig is the best-selling product due to its gorgeous look and ease of care.

Yes, a water wave wig is a multifunctional and adaptable hairstyle that is simple to shape and color. This type of hair easily accepts and holds styles. As a result, you’ll spend less time primping and more time appreciating your new hairdo.

More comfort.

User friendliness for the consumer gives the user additional comfort. Simple to maintain and wear.


Water wave wigs designs are often lighter.

Long service life.

Women first prefer human hair because it lasts the longest, which is one of the main factors. This texture is characterized by loose, carefree curly bundles that are reminiscent of your tropical vacation. The longer I leave the human hair in place, the nicer it appears.

What causes human hair wigs to dry out?

Your scalp naturally creates an oil called sebum that keeps natural hair nourished if you have it. Even with the finest human hair wig maintenance, human hair wigs eventually get dry because they inevitably lack natural oils.

Nevertheless, there are other circumstances that might cause human hair wigs to become stiff and dry, necessitating wig restoration. Hard water is one of these elements. Chlorine, seawater, and long time direct sunlight will also damage your wig.

You can keep your human hair wig moisturized, full of body, and worn for a longer period of time if you limit its exposure to these factors.

Another thing to keep in mind is that wearing your human hair wig to bed might hasten its drying out and damage. We don’t recommend sleeping in your wig since it’s crucial to prevent tangles in order to preserve your human hair wig in good shape. If you have cotton pillows and sheets, they will irritate and damage your human hair wig.


What can I do to revive my water wave wig?

To untangle knots, use a paddle brush:

Your wigs or hair weaves start to knot up after a specific period of not wearing them. Occasionally, the tangles are so tight that it appears impossible to unravel them. Fortunately, paddle brushes can do the task quickly. Don’t let your old weave fool you; occasionally, it might look worse than it actually is.

The wig should be pre-washed in natural oil.

The key to restoring a human hair wig is adding some much-needed moisture. It follows that using a conditioning treatment on your wig would be the first step in recovering it.

We advise lightly slathering your human hair wig in a natural oil, such as coconut oil or Moroccan oil. Under a shower cap, you should let your chosen product hydrate your wig for roughly 30 minutes.

Cleanse your wig.

Washing your wig is the next stage in restoring a wig, and you should be sure to rinse off all of the pre-wash oil. Remember to keep the water running in the same direction as the hair during washing to avoid tangling.

Next, delicately shampoo your wig using a shampoo made specifically for human hair wigs.

Hydrate your wig.

You must use a moisturizing hair conditioner after rinsing out all of your moisturizing shampoos. A human hair wig conditioner should be applied liberally all over your wig, from the front to the tips.

You should pay special attention to and use more hair conditioner around the nape and points of your human hair wig while moisturizing it with conditioner to repair a wig. These places are frequently where a human hair wig becomes dry and loses its bounce. Therefore, concentrating on the nape and tips will assist you in revitalizing a human hair wig.

To avoid tangling, always store your water wave highlight wig on a wig stand or wig mannequin after styling.

Select a high-quality water wave human hair wig from a reputable seller to receive assistance with maintenance and other usage instructions.

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