How can you maintain your short lace front wig straightness?

Straight hair looks fantastic on a short lace front wig. Yet as we all know, a straight bob wig eventually loses its smoothness and some strands may start to stray. In this situation, straightening the bob wig can be required to restore its fantastic appearance. If you need to style a short bob lace front wig into waves or curls and then need to return to the original straight texture, you might also need to straighten the wig.

We will share with you a few straightforward instructions in this article on how to build a perfect short bob lace front wig, how to maintain a bob wig that is straight, and how to straighten a bob wig if it is not already straight.

short lace front wig

A bob wig: how can I straighten it?

It’s crucial to understand that this procedure will only work for human hair before we go into the quick steps to assist you straighten the wig. The items listed below are a few that you’ll need to straighten a bob wig.

Wig stand.

Hair clips.

Flat iron.

The bob wig.

Once you’ve gathered everything you want, simply follow these instructions to straighten the bob wig:

Step first: Put your bob wig on and heat up the flat iron.

Start by putting the wig on your head and adjusting the bob wig until it is the way you want it to be. The flat iron should then be preheated to the required temperature. We advise choosing a mild temperature to safeguard the wig’s hair.

Step two: Make sure the bob wig is dry.

The majority of individuals try to straighten bob wigs right after washing them. It is essential to make sure the wig is totally dry if you have cleaned it. It could be a good idea to let it air dry for a few hours if it’s still extremely damp, or you could use a blow dryer to hasten the process.

Step three: Division the bob wig and secure it.

After the bob wig is totally dry, use hair clips to hold the front two thirds of the wig out of the way. When you straighten the wig, you may do this to keep the majority of the hair out of the way.

When you begin to straighten the bob wig, use your finger to separate one inch of the loose hair, making sure the portion is clear of knots.

Step four: Straighten the part.

Next, clamp the flat iron to the hair section at the roots and comb it all the way to the ends. This action must be carried out in a continuous motion without pausing.

For all other parts, repeat this procedure. But is it crucial to verify that the part is tangle-free first before straightening. Once the entire wig has been straightened, go through the bob wig in one-inch sections.

Step five: Straighten the centre part.

After finishing the bottom half of the hair, clip the upper third of the wig and straighten the middle part of the bob wig by using the same steps as previously.

Step six: Straighten the upper third.

Straighten the remaining third of the wig after removing the clip from the top third. Make sure the portion is where you want it to be in this last section. You will find it simpler to maintain the bob wig’s style if you do this.

Step seven: The bob wig should be sprayed.

When you’re finished, don’t forget to spray the bob wig with a heat protectant to keep it from becoming damaged. If necessary, you can also add hairspray.

How is a short lace front wig taken care of?

Avoid heat sources.

To prevent snags, brush using plastic combs with a wide tooth. Avoid using brushes and combs with narrow or pointed ends on short wigs since they are difficult to use while brushing and styling them. Do not use metal combs or brushes since they might harm the strands.

Avoid over-washing it. Gently shampoo your wig using a sulfate-free shampoo, working it through the hair with your fingertips.

Keep your short human hair wig in a safe place. While not in use, place your wig on a wig stand or mannequin head. It will be prevented from getting matted or twisted by doing this.

The top human bob wig that is straight.

Depending on the quality of the wig you buy, it will affect how well it keeps a style. Naturally, real human hair wigs are more manageable to style than synthetic wigs. But, even human hair wigs come in a wide range of quality, and when you choose the finest, you can anticipate that the above-described procedure will be much simpler.

We offer a human hair short bob lace front wig that is quite simple to style, which is fortunate for you. This is the straight bob 13×4 lace front wig with 150% Density. To start, it is a lace front wig, which means that it is simple to put on and take off and that the lace exactly matches your natural hair to make it seem and feel like your own hair.

The 13×4 lace front wig straight bob 150% density is composed of 100% real human hair, so it will appear and feel just like your own hair. This means that without having to worry about harming the wig, you may very quickly straighten it using the method we’ve just discussed, or you can curl it if you want. Also, it implies that you may bleach or dye the wig to modify its hue to any other colour without having to be concerned about harming the hair. Because to its great density, it is simple to create and maintain any style without the hair losing volume. This wig is also chemical-free and produced with hair that comes from virgin donors, making it safe to wear.

FAQ about short lace front wig.

Are shorter wigs more durable?

A common query, but you might be surprised by the response. Shorter wigs often survive longer than longer wigs do. As a result of having less hair, shorter wigs are less prone to tangle and knot. Longevity is further increased by the fact that shorter wigs are frequently made of higher-quality hair. Get a shorter style wig if you want one that will endure for a long time. 

How should a short lace front wig be styled?

A short wig may be styled in a variety of ways. To achieve various effects, you may use curling irons, flat irons, and even finger waves. Give your wig more grip and style by using hair gel or mousse. Try with various products and methods until you discover a look you like!

How can you pull off a short wig?

You must style a short wig to complement your face features and sense of fashion in order to make it seem excellent. Finding a style you like and then modifying it to suit your requirements is a fantastic place to start. In order to lengthen a round face, for instance, you would want to adopt a shorter, layered style.

To achieve your ideal look, try with various hair products. But make sure to use wig-specific treatments because conventional hair products might harm the wig and make it appear odd. You can look beautiful in any short wig with a little work!

How can a wig appear more natural?

Whichever style of wig you decide on, there are always some clever techniques you can employ to make it appear more natural. The first thing you may do is to ask your hairstylist to style or even trim your hairpiece so that it exactly matches the shape of your face. If you desire a seamless appearance, the colour is still another crucial factor. If you have an extremely light skin, for instance, a black wig will seem very odd on you.

Pick a colour that complements your skin tone or is comparable to the colour of your natural hair. The majority of wig users also practice the clever trick of plucking a few hairs from the wig’s hairline. The problem is that most wigs are uniformly thick throughout, but genuine strands are typically a little thinner around the hairline. You may perfectly concoct an illusion by plucking a few hairs from above your brow. The last tip we’d like to give you is to leave your baby hair out so that it can be seen where the wig begins. This gives your hairline a flawless appearance.

short lace front wig

Bottom line.

Most individuals don’t particularly enjoy straightening their hair since they think it is a difficult process. We hope the straightforward, step-by-step procedure we have just outlined will make the process much easier for you. Keep in mind that you may straighten the wig once it is off your head if you don’t feel comfortable doing so while it is on your head.

As always, we value your input greatly. If you have any issues with this procedure, please let us know and we’ll try to assist you.

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