Tips Of Making Human Hair Wigs Last Longer

As a wig owner, have you know how to make a human hair wig last longer? Many friends asked Coco to give some advice on keeping the hair last longer. Today Coco will provide you some tips.

We all know that Brazilian human hair wigs are the best wigs on the market. So why? The main reason is the top quality. There is no denying that quality is the primary factor of make wigs last longer. The hair wigs’ raw materials are the most important factor that will determine the life span directly. Of course, hair care in the future is also important.

NO1. Reduce cleaning frequency

In general, the frequency of cleaning wigs depends on how often you wear your wigs and your wigs’ product status. Washing too often can cause human hair wigs to become dry and fragile gradually, especially the kinky straight wigs. Because human hair wigs can’t absorb nutrients or oils from human scalps like our real hair. You can wash the wigs according to the frequency of wigs use. Avoid washing too much or too little.

NO2. Wash your wigs properly

Everyone knows that we need to wash wigs regularly. Do you get the correct steps of washing human hair?

1) Before wash, comb the hair smoothly by hand.

2) Soak into warm water and gently wash the hair by hand with diluted proper shampoo.

3) Wash the hair gently and wash to clear up.

4)Apply conditioner to the warm water then soak the wig into it again.

5)Soak and wash in fresh water absorb the water with towel.

6)Let hair dry naturally, then keep the style with your hand and put the wig on the support.

NO3. Store the wigs correctly

Pay more attention to the storage environment. If you store your lace wigs in a damp area, your wigs will get wet easily. Choosing a dry and clean place to store your wig is a good idea.

NO4. Avoid wearing the same wig every day

The frequency of wearing the same wig every day is also an important factor need to be considered. When we wear the wigs to do exercise, they will get dirty quickly. At that time, try to take it off and clean it to make it last longer.

Hope these tips will benefit you a lot. Mscoco hair offered Brazilian human hair wigs all the time. Choosing suitable lace wigs and care for them properly, the wigs will be last longer than you think. Any questions, pls feel free to contact us at Mscoco hair is waiting for you.

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