5 Tips For The Lace Wig Beginners

It is known to all that the lace wigs now are in the lead among all the wigs. Most friends have at least one, and some may have more. However, as to the beginners, they never know where to start and what they should avoid. Today Mscoco hair will share you 5 tips for when you are choosing and wearing the lace wig at the first time. Only you choose the correct one, will the wig be more realistic on your head and it will maintain a long time.

There are 5 tips of choosing and wearing the lace wig for a beginner:

1. Make sure the lace color match your skin tone. If the lace color doesn’t fit your skin color, the lace will be very visible on the parting space, your scalp will show a weird color and people also will notice it is a wig, which is embarrassing and looks unnatural. If you still don’t know how to choose the lace, Mscoco hair will recommend you the HD lace wig, which is suitable for all kinds of skin tone.

2. Care about your own natural hair. Though your natural hair is always under the wig, you need to keep it clean. If your own hair is unwashed or wet, then it will come out a weird and unsatisfying odor from your scalp after wearing lace front wigs for a while. What’s more, you need to make sure your natural hair is in cornrows or wear a wig cap to let your natural hair as flat as possible. Then you will get one more natural looking.

3. Had better not makeup before wearing the lace wig. When you wear the lace wig, you may use the glue, then the lace will not stick on your forehead and also the glue may mix up with your makeup if you makeup, which not only makes the wig unsecured but also ruins your makeup. So please make sure your face is clean then wear the lace wig. And some people like the colored wigs, you need to wear the wigs at first and then makeup to match the wig color.

4. Had better not sleep with your wig. Some people may feel it is so tired when you have to wear and remove it every day, so they decided to sleep with the wig. If you always sleep it on, the lace wig’s life span will be shortened, especially when the lace wig you bought it not cheap. It will make the hair of the wig tangled, matted, and splitting.

5. Don’t wear your wig too far in front. Some people may leave the wig starting from the very beginning of their natural hairline but it will make people easily get the impression that it is not your natural hair. So you can leave some little space from your natural hairline when you wear it then use the glue or gel to stick the lace on your forehead, which also will not hurt your edges.

For lace wig beginners, follow these tips and you will get a healthy and pretty hair looking. Mscoco hair is committed to producing the 100 virgin human hair, and the best service for every customer.

Hope we can bring you more comfort and beauty all the time!

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