How should an HD lace wig be installed like a pro?

You might be unsure about how to style and install your first HD lace wig if you just bought one. It can be frightening to approach sheer lace bases and actual human hair, regardless of your expertise with conventional wigs or your wig-buying experience in general.

Experts in MscocoHair HD lace wigs are here to assist. We have put up a succinct yet comprehensive tutorial to help you style and install your wig properly. You want to know how? The simple instructions are below.

hd lace wig

Select a pre-styled HD lace wig.

It’s essential to have clean hair and a healthy scalp prior to beginning your operation. Make sure it is thoroughly oil-free and moisturized before getting it ready for your wig. You might also choose to braid your natural hair to make it easier to keep tidy. If your hair is quite short, you might want to consider braiding it or tying it up in a bun. It totally depends on what suits your preferences.

Pick out a wig cap.

Most of the time, wig hats are not necessary, particularly while wearing a HD lace wig. If you decide to use a wig cap, ensure sure it is the proper size and fits snugly. Make sure the wig cap matches the color of your skin and that all of your hair is concealed below it.

Cut the lace carefully.

Your HD lace wig should now be on your head, properly positioned. To prevent your wig from moving while you complete the following step, use clips. Trim any superfluous lace protruding from the hairline using some extra-sharp scissors. Usually, stylists work on the front section of the hair first, then the neck and back.

Put adhesive on.

Remove your wig, then line your whole hairline with specialized wig glue. Apply your wig when the glue has had time to cure a little.

Apply your wig with caution.

Applying your wig correctly requires beginning at the front and being careful. The edges of your wig should be firmly pressed into the adhesive using your hands. The adhesive and wig should then be set with chilly air from a blow dryer.

Dry off your wig.

It will take 10 to 15 minutes for your wig to dry. While you wait, you may keep your wig in place by using a silk hair wrap or hair clips to prevent it from moving. You can move once it has totally dried!

hd lace wig

Apply makeup as desired.

Blending your makeup after putting on your wig is something that many influencers and hair experts recommend. This step is optional when using sheer lace, although it can make the wig look more realistic. Then, along your hairline, just mix your foundation and press your powder in place.

Additional styling.

You can decide that you don’t like the bangs, the style, the texture, or the length after having your wig installed. Simply take off your wig and set it on a wig holder or on a mannequin. Then you may use glue or clips to keep it in place. You may then style it anyway you like and reinstall your wig.

Maintaining your highlight wig properly.
Lace closure against lace frontal!

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