How do you keep the color of your highlight wig?

All the stylish women are now trying out the new trend of wearing colored human hair wigs. Human hair wigs of various colors might exhibit utterly distinct styles at various times. In Mscoco Hair, you can find a wide variety of fashionable-colored wigs that are now hot sellers, like 99J, 613 blonde, highlight wig, and others. You will definitely find one that works for you.

Consider how to preserve the color of your wig if it is perfectly colored. Because if you don’t maintain and care for it properly, the colored hair’s color will fade quickly and ruin the wig’s aesthetic appeal.

I’ll provide you with some helpful hair color maintenance advice today.

highlight wig

Why did the color of the wig fade?

Disregard sun protection.

Some individuals might believe that UV protection is not necessary for wigs, just as it is for your own natural hair. Have you ever smelled burnt meat or had a strong sunburn that burned your scalp and human hair wigs? It’s just a joke. Regardless of whether they are made of real human hair or synthetic materials, the same thing happens to your wigs. If you step outside without a hat or with inadequate UV protection, your wigs may be damaged by the sun’s rays, and the colors may even fade as a result of your enthusiastic welcome.

Use too hot water to wash the wig.

For many fashionable ladies, lipstick is a must-have accessory. And did you know that during the summer, lipstick melts? You do, I presume. Imagine that hundreds of molecules encircle each other inside your cuticle, changing the color of your hair in the process. However, they despise hot water, causing your cuticles to spring out. Your hair’s color will fade over time.

Speedy processing.

For ladies who enjoy dyeing wigs, taking care of your hair and knowing exactly how to do it can help you get your desired color look. Please keep in mind the duration that the coloring chemical was left on your hair. The time it takes for your hair cuticles to open and absorb artificial color varies depending on your bio hair color. Inadequate color processing time cannot ensure that colors remain stable for an extended period of time.

Incorrect use of heat tools.

The term “improper” denotes both using a tool in a manner that is not recommended by the instruction manual and applying too much heat to it. Whatever tool you select—curling irons, flat wands, or blow dryers—a temperature range that is too hot is not advised. The molecules inside the hair might burn off and lose its shine at a particular centigrade level while using hot equipment. Colored hair will progressively lose its hues over time.

highlight wig

How do you keep the hair color of your highlight wig?

It’s just as crucial what happens after getting your hair colored as it is what happens before and during the color session.

The procedure of dying your hair encourages molecules to enter the hair cuticle. To ensure that these molecules remain in place, keep our hair colors uniform. And how can this be accomplished? Very simple to do.

Just handle them like you would a dog!

1. Continue using hair conditioner often.

Your hair needs to consume something to stay healthy and strong, much like you would feed your dog. Color molecules work harder when using a high-quality conditioner. You will acquire more lustrous hair from their close hugs. Additionally, if you feed them regularly and properly, they eventually become strong and are unable to push through the opening when the protective film is peeled.

2. Carefully wash wigs.

First, wash your wig with water that is the right temperature. Reduce the wash times after that. Your hair’s color will deteriorate more quickly the more often you wash it. Shampooing causes the color molecules to cling one another firmly, which leads to the color gradually washing off.

3. Air dry your wigs.

Turn the blow dryer to one side while allowing your strands to air dry. By avoiding too much heat, you reduce the chance of those cuticles opening up and the color molecules fading. But if you must use a machine to dry your hair, promise me that you will use a blow-dryer appropriately and at the appropriate temperature.

4. Keep hazardous elements at bay.

Petrochemicals, sodium chloride, sulfates, and parabens are all bad for your hair. Hair that has been colored tends to seem lackluster. As sulfates have the ability to create a foamy lather, they can cause dryness by eliminating too much oil from your scalp and hair.

5. Cover your head outside.

The killer is ultraviolet radiation. While remaining silent, it destroys each color molecule one by one. It might damage your scalp in addition to burning your hair. Almost irreversible, burnt hair is similar to burned wood. It’s not a good idea to do harm before healing. Maintain your intriguing wig, and on sunny days, don’t forget to wear a hat.

6. Use clarifying shampoos.

To remove extra buildup, clarifying shampoos might thoroughly wash the hair. Clarifying shampoos help the color or bleach enter the strands easier because they remove product buildup, excess oil, hardened sebum on the scalp, and other impurities that act as a barrier.

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