Could a long hair wig be changed to a bob style?

You can encounter a circumstance where you find up purchasing a long hair wig while wanting a bob-style wig. This is due to the short bob wig style that is now popular among all wearers due to its practical qualities and adaptability.

Therefore, it would be quite advantageous for you to change your previous, long-haired wig into a bob style. However, you must be aware of every step-in detail and put in some work and talents. We are here to provide you with a comprehensive how-to for creating a bob style from a long hair clear lace wig. Therefore, let’s look at them:

long hair wig

Why should you make your own wig modifications?

A cheap way to style your hair is using wigs. Although the initial expense of the wig may be a hindrance for you, after it is purchased, you may effortlessly style your hair at home. It helps you avoid spending hundreds of dollars on pricey hair salons. It is preferable to style your wig yourself even though many of these hair salon professionals provide styling alternatives. While it might be challenging to style your own natural hair, the hazards are less while wearing a wig. You may learn from it and also learn how to style your natural hair. Working with real human hair wigs that are mounted on a mannequin head makes it simple to learn hair style techniques.

Bob-style wig transformation.

To transform a worn-out long hair wig into a fashionable and current bob-style wig, follow the instructions below:

Step one: Gather supplies you will need.

To start, you need to be aware of the materials needed to style the wig into a short bob. You need to get a comb, scissors, gel, flat iron, and hair clips, among other things. You may also anticipate using the blow dryer if you don’t have a flat iron.

Step two. Prepare your wig.

The next step is to carefully wash your old wig with a conditioner or shampoo. After that, put the wig on a wig stand. Use a wide-tooth comb to gently untangle the wig and comb it. The detangling of the wig will make cutting considerably simpler.

Step three: Haircutting.

Choose the length of your wig cut. Always cut a little bit longer than you intended to in order to allow for modifications in the event that you feel the strands are not cut evenly.

First, divide the hair into two sections: the top and the bottom. To keep it out of the way, clip the top portion in place. Utilizing this first section as a guide, begin by cutting the bottom portion of the back. Start releasing the upper section of the hair gradually and cutting it to match the bottom section after you are satisfied with the length and evenness.

Continually cut it until all of them have been removed. For a symmetrical appearance overall, make sure that every layer is level with the others.

If necessary, use a comb to smooth out any lumps or unevenness; just keep in mind that once you start cutting, there is no turning back.

Step four: Trimming the hair.

We will now talk about the optional measures that, if followed, will improve the cutting. In addition to bringing clarity, hair trimming also offers the bob style a more fashionable appearance. Comb the brief amount of hair needed for this, and then use scissors to make a few little cuts at the end of it.

Step five: Styling your wig.

It’s time to start styling your wig once you’ve trimmed it to the length you want. Work a mousse or gel with your fingertips through each part of hair. You may use a blow dryer to enhance lift at the root for more volume.

To create a layered look, use weft clips to hold back some portions while styling others. If you have a flat iron, use it to give your wig the “bone straight” appearance that we adore seeing on bob wigs. After styling your wig, you might want to spray it with hairspray to keep everything in place.

What length is ideal for a bob wig?

Twelve inches: For a stylish bob or a short, sloppy cut, this length is ideal. It is long enough to drape naturally over your ears, yet short enough to wash quickly and use while travelling. For women who live busy lifestyles, this is especially beneficial.

How do you sleep when wearing a bob?

Lay the hair flat against your head and pin or knot it in place to prevent your wig from friction. After that, encircle your head with a silk or satin scarf. Your wig will remain in position and be shielded from friction as a result.

long hair wig


You now understand how to style your previous wig in a short bob. You may develop a fresh appearance that will wow everyone around you with the correct tools and methods.

When cutting and styling, keep in mind that there is no turning back after you have trimmed, so go gently and carefully.

Take pleasure in your new appearance and exude self-assurance knowing that you created it. Enjoy the praises that are certain to come while having fun with your style.

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