What is the distinction between a deep wave wig and a water wave wig?

100% virgin human hair is becoming incredibly fashionable and vital among black ladies. We all enjoy wearing human hair wigs and weaves, right? But, with so many different types of hair weave, do you understand the distinctions between them?

The curl pattern of deep wave and water wave hair is comparable. If you’re still undecided about which type to choose, remember that both deep wave and water wave are excellent choices.
The key distinction between the two hair types is that the water wave tends to create a curlier appearance while both produce a comparable appearance and feel. Can you distinguish between the two hairstyles? We’ll explain the distinction between deep wave and water wave hair to you today. Continue reading! How do we make a decision?

The water wave wig.

Based on these qualities, the water wave wig earned its name. As the waves weave closer together, the water wave hair increasingly hinges and has a wave pattern. The texture of water waves is comparable to waves on water. It has thick, curling hair that gives off a natural vibe and adds to the exquisite appearance.

1. All types of hair textures for the customer.

2. Virgin hair that is entirely human with the best price.

3. Holds curl nicely, may be permed, is not treated, and lasts up to one year at least.

4. Hair, which offers 100% virgin human hair that is tangle-free and shed-free.

5. A gorgeous top weft that is shiny, full, and thick.

6. Because the water wave hairstyle is comparable to African American hairstyles, it may easily blend in with the wearer’s natural hair.

The deep wave wig.

The water wave pattern is similar to the deep wave curl pattern. African American customers also want tight curls with loose deep waves, although curls are better than waves.

1. The curls are all facing the same way.

2. Double weft that is tight, orderly, without tangles and no shedding.

3. Shiny, full, thick, high-quality hair ends that aren’t split.

4. Strongest elasticity, healthy sheen, and bounce.

5. Last for a long time: up to a year.

6. Virgin hair that is 100 percent human and can be colored, permed, bleached, and ironed.
Although deep wave and water wave wigs resemble one another in terms of curl structure and texture, making it difficult for people to tell them apart when we look at them closely, they are actually very different from one another.

Curl Design.

Deep wave wig have very precise curl patterns, whereas water wave wigs have erratic curl patterns that resemble water ripples.


In contrast to deep wave hair, which has curly curls that appear slightly flat, the uneven curls of water wave hair give them more depth.


Deep wave wigs are more suited for a romantic, traditional style than water wave wigs if you want to seem bombastic and flamboyant.

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