Valuable Caring Guide for Short Lace Front Wigs

If we want our short lace front wigs to last longer in good condition and serve us longer, then the care of wigs is essential. Good wig care can prolong the time of our wigs and maintain excellent wig quality such as luster, so that every time we wear them, we have a great experience.

So, what is the most important part of caring for wigs?That is to clean the short lace front wig regularly. Therefore, today’s article is a detailed guide on how to properly clean wigs.

How to clean a short lace front wig:

1. When cleaning the short lace front wig, gently comb the wig with a wide-toothed comb without using force, because pulling and curling the hair will make the wig tangle or fall off.

2. Don’t use hot water. Soak your short lace front wig in cold water or warm water and mix it with shampoo to clean it, because hot water will permanently damage our wigs, make our wigs dry, lose nutrition and cause various wig problems.

3. Dip the short lace front wig into a basin of clean water and rinse off the excess shampoo, but don’t twist or squeeze the wig.

4. Gently apply conditioner on the short lace front wig and leave it for 5 minutes. Rinse the wig with cold water.

5. Gently pat the short lace front wig dry with a towel, and strictly remember not to squeeze, twist or rub the wig.

6. Strictly don’t blow-dry the short lace front wig with a hair dryer, but put the wig holder on it and let air dry naturally.

Four useful tips for buying and cleaning wigs:

When buying a wig cap for your short lace front wig, make sure it fits your head and wig, because if it doesn’t fit properly, it will damage your wig and make your wig less natural.

Avoid using heat setting tools, as this will inevitably damage your short lace front wig. Don’t wash your wig often.

Do not expose the short lace front wig to any heat, including sunlight, hot water, fire and any heat setting iron.

Don’t wash your hair when your short lace front wig is wet.


Hope these steps of cleaning short lace wigs and some tips to remember when buying such wigs can help you get and keep better wigs and get the best wig experience.

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