Ultimate Guide to 2024 Prom Hairstyles

Prom night is an unforgettable milestone in your high school journey, marking a rite of passage with memories that often last a lifetime. Beyond the perfect dress and the ideal date, your hairstyle plays a pivotal role in your overall look, capturing the essence of your style and personality. As we venture into 2024, the prom hairstyle landscape is more diverse and innovative than ever before. From classic updos revisited with modern twists to bold, new interpretations of vintage looks, this guide will walk you through the hottest prom hairstyles of 2024. Prepare to be inspired and find your perfect prom hairdo! 

1. The Elevated Ponytail. 

Forget everything you thought you knew about ponytails because the 2024 version is nothing short of spectacular. This isn’t just any ponytail; it’s an elevated, polished, and incredibly chic version that can be tailored to match any dress style. Think sleek and high, with added volume at the crown, or a low and sophisticated pony with intricate twists or braids. Add in some pearl accessories or delicate hair rings for a touch of elegance. 

Tutorial: Sleek High Ponytail 

Prep: Start with straightened hair for a sleek look. Use a heat protectant and a smoothing serum to achieve a glossy finish. 

Volume: Tease the hair at the crown of your head gently for volume. 

Secure: Pull your hair into a high ponytail, ensuring it’s perfectly centered. Use a fine-tooth comb to smooth out any bumps. 

Wrap: Take a small section of hair from the ponytail and wrap it around the base to hide the elastic. Secure it with a bobby pin underneath. 

Finish: Apply a light-hold hairspray to keep everything in place and add a shine spray for that extra gloss. 

2. The Romantic Waves. 

Soft, romantic waves never go out of style, and for 2024, they’re getting a glamorous upgrade. Think Hollywood waves with a side part for a timeless elegance, or beachy, tousled waves for a more relaxed, boho vibe. These waves work beautifully with both long and shorter cuts, adding movement and depth to your look. 

Tutorial: Classic Hollywood Waves 

Prep: Apply a heat protectant spray and a volumizing mousse on damp hair. 

Dry: Blow dry your hair with a round brush to create volume. 

Curl: Use a large barrel curling iron, curl your hair in sections, always curling away from your face. 

Set: Pin each curl to your head with a clip to cool and set for lasting waves. 

Brush: Once cool, gently brush out the curls with a soft-bristle brush to form smooth, flowing waves. 

Finish: Mist with a strong hold hairspray and add a drop of serum to the ends for shine. 

3. The Bold Braids. 

Braids have a special place in prom hairstyles, offering versatility and creativity. In 2024, we’re seeing a resurgence of intricate braid designs, from fishtail braids intertwined with velvet ribbons to Dutch braids that evolve into sophisticated updos. Braids can add a whimsical or edgy touch to your prom look, depending on how you style them. 

Tutorial: Ribbon-Intertwined Fishtail Braid 

Prep: Start with wavy hair for texture. Use a texturizing spray to add grip. 

Section: Take a section of hair at the back of your head and split it into two parts. 

Braid: Begin a fishtail braid by alternating small sections from each side, adding them to the opposite section. 

Ribbon: Integrate a velvet ribbon into your braid by tying it to a small section of hair and including it in your alternating sections. 

Secure: Tie off the braid with a clear elastic. Gently tug at the braid to loosen it for a fuller look. 

Finish: Spray with a light-hold hairspray to keep everything in place. 

4. The Retro Revival. 

Vintage hairstyles are making a comeback, with a modern twist for the 2024 prom season. Whether you’re channeling the sleek finger waves of the 1920s, the voluminous beehives of the 1960s, or the disco-inspired looks of the 1970s, retro hairstyles add a unique flair to your prom ensemble. These styles are perfect for those looking to make a bold statement. 

Tutorial: Modern Finger Waves 

Prep: Apply a styling mousse to damp hair. 

Dry: Blow dry your hair flat against your head using a styling brush. 

Wave: Use a deep waver or a flat iron to create the classic waves. Clamp down on small sections of hair, alternating the direction of the wave as you move down the section. 

Set: Use a strong-hold hairspray to set the waves in place. 

Finish: For added glamour, tuck one side behind your ear and adorn with a decorative hair clip. 

5. The Unconventional Updos. 

Updos for prom 2024 are anything but ordinary. From deconstructed buns adorned with metallic accessories to sleek, geometric designs inspired by modern art, these hairstyles are for the bold. The key is to choose an updo that complements your outfit and personal style, making your prom look truly unique. 

Tutorial: Deconstructed Bun with Metallic Accessories 

Prep: Use a texturizing spray on dry hair to add volume. 

Pull: Gather your hair into a loose, high ponytail and secure with an elastic. 

Twist: Split the ponytail into sections, twist each section, and pin it back to the base randomly to create a deconstructed bun. 

Accessorize: Weave metallic hair accessories or wires through the bun for an edgy look. 

Finish: Secure everything with a strong-hold hairspray. 

6. The Ethereal Half-Up, Half-Down. 

Half-up, half-down hairstyles strike the perfect balance between elegance and whimsy, making them a perennial favorite for prom. In 2024, this style gets an ethereal twist with the addition of soft braids, floral accents, and delicate tendrils framing the face. This look is especially flattering for those who want to show off the length of their hair while adding a touch of sophistication. 

Tutorial: Braided Half-Up with Floral Accents 

Prep: Curl your hair with a medium barrel iron for soft waves. 

Section: Take two sections from either side of your head, just above the ear. 

Braid: Braid these sections loosely, adding in small faux flowers or pearl pins as you go. 

Secure: Join the braids at the back of your head and secure with a clear elastic or a decorative clip. 

Finish: Gently pull out a few face-framing pieces for a soft, romantic look. Set with a flexible-hold hairspray. 

7. The Sleek and Shiny Chignon. 

A chignon is a classic hairstyle that exudes sophistication and grace. For 2024, the sleek and shiny chignon takes center stage, offering a minimalist yet striking option. Perfect for showcasing an intricate neckline or statement earrings, this style emphasizes sleekness and shine for a polished look. 

Tutorial: Sleek Low Chignon 

Prep: Apply a smoothing serum to damp hair and blow-dry straight. 

Gather: Brush your hair back into a low ponytail at the nape of your neck, ensuring there are no bumps. 

Twist: Twist the ponytail into a tight coil around its base to form a chignon. Secure with pins. 

Shine: Apply a high-gloss hair spray or serum over the chignon and the rest of your hair for a sleek, reflective finish. 

Finish: Keep everything in place with a strong-hold hairspray. 

8. The Bold Color Statement. 

Why not make a statement with color? 2024 sees a rise in daring color choices and techniques for prom, from pastel balayages to vibrant, all-over hues. Consider adding a pop of color with temporary hair dyes or hair chalks, which can be a fun way to stand out without the commitment of permanent color. 

Tutorial: Adding Temporary Color Accents 

Choose: Select temporary hair color in sprays or chalks in your desired shade. 

Section: Work with small sections of hair where you want the color to pop. Lightly mist with water if using chalk. 

Apply: Follow the product instructions to apply the color. Use gloves to avoid staining your hands. 

Style: Style your hair as desired, being mindful that excessive brushing or styling after applying the color can cause it to fade. 

Set: Finish with a light hairspray to set the color (and your style) in place. 

9. The Modern Mermaid. 

Mermaid waves have been a long-standing favorite, and in 2024, they’re getting a modern upgrade. This style features deep, defined waves that give the illusion of a mermaid’s tail, perfect for creating a captivating and enchanting prom look. It’s ideal for long hair but can also be adapted for medium-length styles. 

Tutorial: Deep Mermaid Waves 

Prep: Apply a heat protectant and a wave-enhancing mousse to damp hair. 

Dry: Blow dry your hair completely. 

Wave: Use a deep waver or triple-barrel curling iron to create defined waves throughout your hair. 

Enhance: Once your entire head is waved, go over the top layers once more to define them further. 

Finish: Apply a lightweight oil or serum to the ends for shine and a flexible-hold spray to maintain the waves without stiffness. 

10. The Textured Top Knot. 

The top knot is getting a textural makeover in 2024, perfect for those seeking a balance between edgy and elegant. This isn’t just a simple bun; it’s a statement-making style that plays with volume, texture, and height to create a dramatic look. 

Tutorial: Voluminous Textured Top Knot 

Prep: Work a volumizing mousse through dry hair and rough-dry to enhance texture. 

Tease: Lightly tease the hair at the crown and the base for volume. 

Gather: Pull your hair into a high ponytail, securing it tightly at the top of your head. 

Knot: Twist the ponytail loosely, wrapping it around the base to form a bun. Secure with pins, allowing some ends to stick out for added texture. 

Finish: Mist with a texturizing spray for a matte, lived-in look, and set with a strong-hold hairspray. 

Embrace Your Style. 

Prom night is your opportunity to shine and express your individuality. Whether you prefer a timeless and elegant look or want to make a bold fashion statement, the key to choosing the perfect prom hairstyle lies in finding what makes you feel confident and beautiful. Use these trends and tutorials as a starting point to inspire your unique creation. Remember, the best accessory is your smile, so choose a hairstyle that ensures it’s your brightest feature on prom night. 

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