How To Secure Your Short Wigs Safely

Short wigs are one of the most popular wig styles this summer. Many customers are trying to wear wigs, so how can we make our short wigs safer to wear? We will share a practical guide for you today.

short wigs

Here are some good ways to make your wig feel safer:

1. Wig cap
You can use the wig cap under the wig, which can not only prevent the wig from moving or sliding, but also keep the wig clean. The wig cap is an essential item to create the natural appearance of the wig and protect it.

2. Wig clip
This is one of the most popular ways to protect wigs. You can make one side of the wig clip close to the hair or skin, and the other side close to the wig or hood, which can fix the wig well, make it very comfortable to wear, and have an adjustable velcro on the back.

3. Metal wig clip
Sew the inside of the inner cap of the wig, and then clip it on your own hair to ensure that the wig is safely in place.

4. Bobby pin
You can try to lift some hair, put the hairpin through the weft of the wig and insert it into your own hair. It can also be fixed on the outside of the wig and at the temple.

5. Double-sided tape
If you feel that the wig is moving and you have no hair, please use it to fix the wig. Adhesive tape can fix the wig between the wig cap and the wig.

6. Mild glue
This glue is very suitable for those women who don’t have hair. It is a mild adhesive, which can be washed with water, easily removed and won’t hurt your wig and your wig cap.Note: It is best to use it where there is no hair.

short wigs

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