Does the curly wigs can be straightened without damage it?

Although we like curly females who embrace their natural look, we also recognize that it may be exciting to experiment with different looks. You can use a straightener on occasion to experiment with new looks, but using one frequently can destroy your delicate curls. Make sure you’re protecting your curls if you decide to sport some straight hair by wearing it in place of your curls. The safest way to straighten your curls is as follows. To appreciate straight and smooth strands, give these recommendations a try.

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How to straightened the curly wigs without harm it?

Your curly wigs may be straightened without risk. But how you approach it also counts. For instance, it is not suggested to use a flat iron or heat on curly hair that has tight curls. Instead, get a second wig with straighter or looser curls.

Similar to naturally curly hair, curly wigs only become momentarily straight after being heated and styled. Therefore, more heat would be required to make them straight. Similar heat damage can be caused to your curly wigs by flat irons and other heat-styling equipment.

As a result, it is okay to straighten curly wigs, but it’s better to do so on a wig that doesn’t have tightly curled hair.

It’s still advisable to keep them away from electric instruments that are excessively hot, even on wigs with loose curls. It’s important to apply a heat protectant while using heat items to assist your wig resist the heat.

Without doing this, straightening your hair might fry it, leaving it brittle and prone to breakage. But how can you determine how much heat protection is necessary to prevent damage? Herein is the issue.

This is why it’s preferable to have a second straight wig on hand for whenever you want to switch up your appearance.

Curly wigs can be straightened in several methods.

Heat alone can only be used to straighten curly wigs, and heat is typically destructive. The degree to which your wigs can survive the heat is, however, primarily dependent on the heat-styling instrument you choose. You may straighten your curly wigs in a few different methods, as seen below.

I. Get a flat iron.

Human hair wig responds best to this technique since it can withstand direct heat better than synthetic wigs. Your wig should first be sprayed with a heat protectant before being set up on a wig stand. Alternatively, if you’re working with a particularly thick wig, you can use oil or cream.

This creates a barrier that guards against heat damage and aids in moisture retention. Keep your flat iron set to low or medium heat because high heat will make curly wigs limp. After that, clip the wig up and section by section comb it to remove tangles.

Flatten each part with an iron, then. From the root to the tip of the hair, slide the tool over it to do this. You may get greater results this way and yet manage the hair carefully.

II. By steaming or using a hair dryer.

You should use this procedure if you want to straighten a synthetic wig. In order to avoid heat damage, the wig must be of high quality.

Perform a heat test on a section of your wig that is not visible to the public in order to find out if your wig can survive heat. With the heat set to warm, place it beneath the dryer or steamer.

It’s recommended to avoid straightening hair if it frizzes or melts. If it doesn’t, though, you can go to the following phase.

Put the wig on a Styrofoam head and fasten it at the top with a pin. Detangle your wig in parts, working your way up from the bottom, using a comb or wig brush. When using a dryer or steamer, grasp each portion by the tip to keep it in place.

Set the steamer or hair drier to warm heat, then direct the nozzle to the desired area. Continue using this motion with the remaining hair, running it down the chosen portion a few times until it is straight.

III. Utilizing hot water.

If you have a synthetic wig that can’t be dried or steam cleaned, you can use hot water. Put your wig on a Styrofoam head and put it in the shower as the first stage in the procedure. Pouring hot water on the wig is now simpler thanks to this.

To prepare your wig for the hot water treatment, first untangle it in portions. 80°–85° is the ideal temperature for a big pot of water. Before pouring the whole amount of water on the wig, dip the tips of the wig in the hot water. When the wig is damp, use your fingers to comb it to properly straighten it. Lastly, let your wig air dry.

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You are good to go:

You may finish with a little shine serum after straightening your curls. Apply the smoothing balm of your choice on your fingertips. Run it through your hair, paying particular attention to any potential frizzier or flyaway areas. If required, you can slightly dilute it. Enjoy your new look after using hairspray to finish!

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