Why Celebs Enjoy Trying Out Barbie Hairstyles? 

Barbie, the iconic doll known around the globe, has not only been a childhood staple for countless individuals but also a major fashion influence since her inception in 1959. Created by Ruth Handler and manufactured by Mattel, Barbie has evolved through the decades, not just in terms of her career choices and fashion, but also her hairstyles, which have captured the imagination of many, including a host of celebrities. From cascading curls to playful ponytails and sharp bobs, Barbie has flaunted them all, setting trends both in toy aisles and real-life fashion circles. 

The Influence of Barbie on Fashion and Hairstyles. 

Barbie’s influence on fashion is immense. Her style has mirrored and sometimes even anticipated fashion trends, and her ever-changing hair is a big part of her appeal. Barbie’s hairstyles have varied widely over the decades, reflecting changes in fashion, cultural shifts, and advances in hair-styling technology. Each of her styles, whether it’s the bubble cut of the early 60s, the long straight locks of the 70s, or the voluminous curls of the 80s, tells a story of the era she’s in. 

For celebrities, whose images are always under scrutiny and must constantly evolve, Barbie becomes a perfect icon to emulate. Barbie’s diverse hairstyles encourage a playful yet bold approach to hair that many celebrities find appealing. The reasons behind this are manifold and tie deeply with broader aspects of fashion, personal expression, and cultural influence. 

Cultural Impact and Nostalgia. 

One significant factor is the deep-seated nostalgia associated with Barbie. Many celebrities, like others, grew up with Barbie dolls. Trying hairstyles that are reminiscent of Barbie can be a way to reconnect with their childhoods. This nostalgic element brings a fun, youthful vibe to their looks, which can be appealing to their fan bases. It resonates with audiences who share similar fond memories of the iconic doll. 

Experimentation and Media Attention. 

In the world of celebrity fashion, grabbing the limelight is key, and what better way to do so than by adopting eye-catching, dramatic hairstyles that Barbie has been known for? Celebrities often experiment with their looks because staying relevant in the entertainment industry often requires constant reinvention. Barbie, with her fearless and sometimes extravagant hair transformations, offers a treasure trove of inspiration. 

Celebrities adopting Barbie-inspired hairstyles also frequently coincide with major public appearances such as award shows, movie premieres, or fashion weeks. These events are perfect for showcasing bold, statement-making hairstyles that guarantee media attention and public discussion. 

Branding and Personal Identity. 

For celebrities, personal branding is crucial. Each element of their appearance is often carefully curated to craft a public persona that resonates with their audience and differentiates them from others. Barbie’s hairstyles are not only diverse but also highly distinctive. By adopting a Barbie-inspired hairstyle, celebrities can convey attributes associated with Barbie herself – such as femininity, confidence, and a fun-loving personality. 

Moreover, because Barbie has also been a symbol of empowerment — having taken on more than 200 careers including being an astronaut, a president, and a doctor — celebrities might use Barbie-inspired hairstyles as a subtle nod to female empowerment and versatility. 

The Role of Social Media. 

In the age of Instagram, TikTok, and other social media platforms, celebrities’ hairstyles are scrutinized more than ever. A Barbie-inspired hairstyle can become instantly viral, garnering likes, shares, and reproductions among fans and followers. It creates buzz and keeps the celebrities relevant in the fast-paced social media environment. Moreover, platforms like Instagram provide a visual space where the striking and often colorful hairstyles of Barbie can be showcased effectively. 

Influence of Celebrity Hairstylists. 

Celebrity hairstylists play a significant role in this trend. Always on the lookout for the next big thing, stylists often draw on a wide array of influences, including iconic figures like Barbie. The challenge of recreating and adapting a Barbie hairstyle for the red carpet or a photo shoot can be a creative and exciting endeavor for stylists, further promoting the trend among celebrities. 

How To Achieve Barbie-Inspired Hairstyles? 

Achieving Barbie-inspired hairstyles can be a fun way to change up your look, whether for a themed event, a fun night out, or just to add some playful glam to your everyday style. Barbie’s hair has evolved over the years, embodying everything from sleek, straight tresses to voluminous curls and dramatic updos. Here are some steps and tips to help you achieve various Barbie-inspired hairstyles: 

1. Choose Your Barbie Style. 

First, decide which Barbie hairstyle you want to emulate. Are you going for classic 60s Barbie with a bouffant flip? Or perhaps a 90s Totally Hair Barbie with ultra-long curls? Maybe the modern Barbie with a chic ponytail? Once you’ve chosen your style, gather images to use as references. 

2. Prep Your Hair. 

Most Barbie hairstyles start with a good base. Ensure your hair is clean, dry, and detangled. For styles that require volume, you might want to add a volumizing mousse or spray. For sleek styles, a smoothing serum or heat protectant is key. 

3. Add Texture. 

For Curly Styles: If you’re creating curls or waves, use a curling iron or hot rollers. Depending on the size of the curls you want, choose the appropriate barrel size. Smaller barrels for tight curls, larger ones for loose waves. 

For Straight Styles: Use a flat iron to get your hair perfectly straight. This is ideal for styles like the classic 90s Barbie with long, sleek hair. 

4. Create Volume. 

Barbie often sports hairstyles with a lot of volumes. If you’re aiming for a voluminous look: 

Start by applying a root-lifting spray or volumizing mousse to your damp hair. 

Blow-dry your hair upside down to encourage lift at the roots. 

Backcomb or tease sections of your hair at the crown to create extra volume before smoothing the top layer over the teased sections. 

5. Shape and Style. 

Ponytails: For a high Barbie ponytail, gather your volumized hair at the crown and secure with a hair tie. Wrap a strand of hair around the base to hide the tie for a polished look. 

Buns and Updos: For a Barbie bun, twist the ponytail you’ve created and wrap it around the base, securing it with pins. Smooth out any flyaways with a light hairspray or gel. 

Half-Up Styles: Barbie often rocks a half-up style which is great for showing off long locks while adding some structure around the face. 

6. Finishing Touches. 

Barbie’s hair is always smooth and well-styled. Finish your hairstyle with a light spray of hairspray to keep everything in place. For extra shine, use a glossing spray or serum. 

7. Accessorize. 

Barbie often accessorizes with headbands, bows, or sparkly clips. Depending on your chosen hairstyle, add a similar accessory to complete your look. For example, a pink satin ribbon can add a touch of Barbie charm to ponytails or buns 

8. Maintenance. 

If you’re using a lot of products and heat on your hair, ensure you maintain its health with regular conditioning treatments and minimal use of high-temperature tools. 

9. Experiment. 

Remember, the key to achieving a Barbie-inspired hairstyle is to have fun with it. Experiment with different textures and volumes until you find what looks best on you. 

10. Consider Extensions or Wigs. 

If your hair doesn’t have the length or volume to match your desired Barbie style, consider using hair extensions or even a wig. This can be especially useful for achieving the more dramatic or iconic Barbie looks. 

All in All. 

Barbie has transcended her role as a mere children’s toy to become a significant cultural icon, influencing fashion and beauty trends among all ages, including celebrities. The reasons why celebrities gravitate towards Barbie-inspired hairstyles are as layered as the hairstyles themselves. From the allure of nostalgia and the drive for constant self-reinvention to strategic branding and the pursuit of viral social media moments, Barbie continues to be a symbol of style innovation. As long as Barbie continues to evolve, we can expect her influence to persist in the celebrity fashion scene, making the Barbie hairstyle a staple of celebrity fashion evolution. 

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